E3S network

The E3S network currently is a dynamically evolving network. Here we acknowledge colleagues contributing to the network in various ways:

E3S steering committee

Prof. Dr. Ilan Chabay (IASS Potsdam),Dr. Markus Erhard (EEA), Dr. Sirkku Juhola (University of Helsinki), Dr. Jana Sillmann (CICERO), Prof. Dr. Markus Reichstein (MPI-BGC), Dr.Tanja Suni (European Alliance), Prof. Dr. William Solecki (Hunter college, New York), Dr. Dorothea Frank (E3S office MPI-BGC)

E3S Cross community workshop on Extreme Events and Environments from Climate to Society session leaders

Session lead Towards impact-relevant climate extremes metrics: Dr. Jana Sillmann (CICERO), Sebastian Sippel (MPI-BGC)

Session lead How to project climate extremes that really matter? A transdisciplinary approach for new narratives of climate extreme impacts in the future earth context: Dr. Jakob Zscheischler (ETH Zürich), Dr. Carl-Friedrich Schleussner (Climate Analytics)

Session lead Adaptive capacity of coupled socio-ecological systems to absorb climate extremes: Dr. Kirsten Thonicke (PIK), Prof. Dr. Michael Bahn (University Innsbruck)

Session lead Integrated Governance of Disaster Risk and Financial Uncertainties for Sustainable Development: Dr. Qian Ye (Beijing Normal University)

Session lead Impact of hydrological and marine extreme events on coastal ecosystems and infrastructures. Adaptation strategies and community resilience: Dr. Damià Gomis (IMEDEA), Dr. Sathaporn Monprapussorn (Srinakharinwirot University)

Session lead Detecting, understanding and reacting to extreme environmental events: integrating the potential of societal data, citizen science, Earth observation, and novel data analytic approaches: Dr. Miguel Mahecha (MPI-BGC); Dr. Ursula Geßner (DLR); Dr. Ilona Otto (PIK)

Core projects represented (E3S applicants)


Prof. Dr. Markus Reichstein (lead scientist) iLEAPS SSC
Max-Planck-Institute for Biogeochemistry, 07701 Jena, Germany
Core project represented: iLEAPS (IGBP)

Dr. Sirkku Juhola, iLEAPS SSC (Social sciences and environmental policy)
Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Helsinki, Finland
Core project /community represented : iLEAPS (IGBP), National Climate Panel,Finland

Dr. Tanja Suni, Executive Director, European Alliance; Executive Officer, iLEAPS; General Secretary, Future Earth Finland
Division of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Helsinki, Finland
Core project / community represented: iLEAPS (IGBP); Future Earth Finland – National Committee for Global Change Research; the European Alliance of Global Change Research Committees

Prof. Dr. Dan Yakir, iLEAPS SSC (Arid environments, ecosystem physiology)
Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
Core project / community represented : iLEAPS (IGBP)


Dr. Ruben Zondervan, Executive Officer, Earth System Governance Project (ESG)
Earth System Governance International Project Office, Lund University, Sweden
Core project / community represented : Earth System Governance Project (ESG) (IHDP)


Dr. David Johnston, Integrated Research on Disaster Risk (IRDR)
Director, Joint Centre for Disaster Research
Core project /community represented:IRDR


Dr. Marie-France Loutre, Executive Director, PAGES
PAGES International Project Office, 3012 Bern, Switzerland
Core project /community represented: PAGES (IGBP)


Prof. Dr. Gabi Hegerl, CLIVAR/WCRP Grand Challenge Coordinator
Chair of Climate System Science, GeoScience, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Core project /community represented : CLIVAR (WCRP)

Prof. Dr. Sonia Seneviratne, GEWEX Co-Chair / WCRP Grand Challenge Coordinator
Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Core project /community represented: GEWEX (WCRP)


Dr. Corrie Griffith, Executive Officer, UGEC
International Project Office, IHDP Urbanization and Global Environmental Change (UGEC), Global Institute of Sustainability, Arizona State University, USA
Core project /community represented: UGEC (IHDP)

Climate Service Center

Dr. Daniela Jacob, Climate Service Center
Climate Service Center Fischertwiete 1, 20095 Hamburg, Germany
Core Project /community represented : Stakeholder community (multiplier)