The project Extreme Events and Environments from climate to Society (E3S) is one of the nine Future Earth initiatives to support global sustainable development. The E3S project is scientifically coordinated and managed by MPI-BGC.

copyrights: (top left) lubasi, cc-by-sa-2.0; (top middle) Craig Allen, USGS, Los Alamos, USA (top right) U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; (bottom left) MON_FEDERE_MD, CC BY-SA 3.0; (bottom middle left side) Jay Janner, The Statesman; (bottom middle right side) NATO; (bottom right) Dr. Bernd Gross, CC BY-Sa 3.0

  • Which are the most relevant metrics for climate extreme impacts on ecosystems and societies?
  • How do social and natural systems interact at different time-scales?
  • Which system properties yield resistance and resilience to extreme conditions?